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Something worth thinking about:

A print newsletter isn't just for the

deep-pocketed anymore.  Any small-

to-mid-size staffing firm can now exude

a more polished (and larger) image

on a manageable budget.


What our customers say . . .

From an affiliate in a major Midwest market:

". . . got a call today from a client who said

it was the best newsletter he has ever seen

and the content was incredibly relevant."


From an affiliate in a large Southeast market:

"It is the only newsletter we have ever sent to

clients/prospects on which we have received

phone calls to never take them off our

mailing list."




Thoughtful Marketers Pick Staffing Decisions™

  Market Area Exclusive!

  Your Company Name Printed on Front and Back Pages

  Published Four Times A Year

  Content-Specific to HR Professionals

  Includes a PDF version to upload at your website



Staffing Decisions™

A branded client newsletter for staffing firms


Keeping you top-of-mind among

your clients, prospects & influencers


Why A Client Newsletter Is A Good Move

   Gets more sales conversations started than any other marketing tool

    A consistent publishing cycle prevents a feast or famine marketing rhythm

  •   There's still nothing like  being able to pick up and hold print media

  •  Exudes a touch of class that immediately sets you apart from the herd

  •  Pegs you as an information concierge, a go-to person in your market